Grades 5-9

Full Time 

We follow a blended learning model where students have full online access to the curriculum and are situated in a class with specialized teachers who provide instruction and tutoring. What makes us unique is that we support students while they compete, perform or travel. Good planning and flexibility with the curriculum allows us to design a special program for each child’s individual needs.

Grade 5-9 full time, 5 days per week 9:00-12:30. In September 2020 each week will include three days focused on core subjects – Math, Science, English and Socials. One day per week will be dedicated to special workshops that will credit courses such as art education, career education, ASDT and PE. Fridays are flexible, where learners have an opportunity to catch up on work from the week, submit any outstanding assignments and play fun and educational games.

Click here for more information about blended learning and programs offered by school district 71.

Part Time 

We welcome online learners or children who require extra in-person days outside of their school hours. We recommend booking tutoring hours and registering for workshop days with us.

Grades 10-12

Full Time

At the grade 10-12 level we focus on course planning and completion to fulfill BC graduation requirements. We design your schedule for each month of the year and provide specialized one-on-one academic support for each course subject. Our mission is to serve your individual learning style, in the way that best works for you. 

Pro Merita works in partnership with sea to sky school, however you are welcome to choose any other distributed (online) learning platform available.  

Part Time

Whether you are cross enrolled in different schools or you are simply seeking tutoring and course planning support, we are here to provide you with subject matter experts and program management support.  


Workshops are designed to enrich the core academic courses with fun and creative activities.

Workshops are part of the full time grades 5-9 program and open to the public with prior registration.

  • GAMES! From boardgames to video games. It’s all about fun and strategy. Join us for a day of inspiration and play. Design your one-of-a-kind board game and take it home to play with your family and friends! Play educational video games and get your brain all warmed up for a successful year ahead. 
  • Art and science! Colour and history. What is colour and why how do we see it? How other animals see colour? How is colour related to psychology? Make a color wheel and design your own logo.
  • Green thumb! Let’s grow some food. Design and build your own mini greenhouse. Collaborate to generate a green wall. 
  •   More coming soon…


Every person is unique in how they learn. We get to know you, how you learn and what methods work best for you.

We offer one-on-one tutoring for all ages in the following subjects

  • Math
  • Science
  • English
  • Socials
  • French
  • SAT prep