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Dance Parent Info Meeting May 17 – 7:30pm


Pro Merita, located at Pro Arte Centre, has always been committed to providing the full range of academics to students from Grade 4 through 12. At Pro Arte Centre, intensive dance instruction for students in these grades is available and allows for those who are committed to professional dance training, to find excellence in academics and arts in one convenient location. There will be a Parent Information Meeting on Friday, May 17 at 7:30pm providing further information on this integrated program and how Pro Merita can provide the best opportunity for dance success for students while at the same time allowing [...]

Dance Parent Info Meeting May 17 – 7:30pm2019-05-10T13:34:15-07:00

Pro Merita Enters a Second Decade!


We are pleased to be able to celebrate 10 years of excellence in working with high performance students in the fields of hockey, dance, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, diving and other extra curricular activities that are the passion of the young women and men who have been - and continue to be - a part of this learning community. Perhaps you are interested in finding out more about how Pro Merita could be the right educational fit for you! We are accepting applications for the 2019-20 Academic year now! Please contact us for more information.

Pro Merita Enters a Second Decade!2019-04-23T16:11:56-07:00


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