We are here to make students academically and emotionally successful!  



Supporting Student Excellence

We celebrate supporting students that are passionate about extra-curricular activities – tennis, hockey, dance, music, gymnastics or any other intensive training activity. Pro Merita students have individual learning paths that are responsive to the changing and spontaneous needs of artists/athletes who are training and competing at a high level.

Education that Inspires

Pro Merita Students are given support to achieve to the best of their ability.  Studies are structured to address areas needing special attention and accelerated in areas where students display strengths in learning.  Each student has a individual learning plan that is shaped to fit their specific needs. 

Whole Life Learning

At  Pro Merita, we understand that learning occurs outside the classroom as much as inside.  Experience that is gained through competition and engagement provides a wider worldview which helps foster a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Pro Merita provides a flexible learning  structure that allows this process of whole learning to flourish.